Most reliable remote control lighting system available today.

The Ibis Tek Remote Control Search Light offers the most reliable lighting solution for standard and IR covert operations.

Based on our revolutionary white and IR lighting module, the light is optimized with a concentrated beam pattern to clearly identify objects at greater distances. An improved light area is achieved with the 350 degree azimuth and 180 degree elevation rotation at speeds up to 80 degrees per second.

Safe, Reliable Performance

From custom applications to standard stand-alone products, Ibis Tek lighting has been approved to meet a range of tactical lighting needs.

  • Patented White and IR illumination with switching controlled from inside vehicle
  • Powerful Infrared (IR) Driving Lights operates 940nm wavelength to block all visible light

U.S. Patent No. 7,387,414 for a “Light bar for mounting to a vehicle

Part DescriptionNSNIbis Tek P/N
Remote Control Search Light6220-01-588-30022210-200-018971
OGPK Search Light Kit6220-01-580-21722559-600-001
Remote Control Search Light Installation Kit2202-000-002
Search Light Control Box (Single)5930-01-572-38482202-300-003
LED Remote Control Search Light Unit6220-01-631-44222210-300-022846
LED Remote Control Search Light Controller6220-01-641-70702210-300-022800
LED Remote Control Search Light Mount2590-01-631-44212210-300-022394

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