Turn-key, full-service laminating capabilities for glass, ceramics and composite materials.

XPER offers a range of services to develop and manufacture autoclave-based laminated products. Since 2001, XPER has developed and supplied over 500,000 pieces of transparent armor for the US Military.

Our lamination XPERtise and ability to test armor products ensures project success. From glass cutting to automated frame/window assembly, XPER offers a complete line of process capabilities to provide turnkey solutions.

On-site Capabilities

Glass Cutting: The first step in laminating materials is cutting large sheets of glass to size. We use a programmable high-speed glass-cutter to ensure glass is cut accurately.

Edge Treatment: Before laying up the glass, an edging machine removes sharp edges left over from the cutting process.

  • Glass Cleaning: A fully automated rinse and dry station is the final step in preparing to layup glass. The station increases throughput, decreases touch labor, and thoroughly cleans glass to ensure high adhesion within the laminate.
  • Heated Interlayer Fabrication: For de-ice/de-fog requirements, a rotating drum machine embeds resistive wires in an interlayer to create a heat mat that can be laminated inside armor windows.
  • Clean Room: All laminates are laid up in our 10,000 sq ft clean room to minimize debris and provide a filtered, humidity-controlled environment. The clean room is ISO Class 8 and includes fully automated high-speed feed and interlayer cutting machines.
  • Autoclaves: Three high-capacity autoclaves, two - 6’ diameter x 24’ deep and one - 10’ diameter x 30’ deep support high production volumes and large part sizes.