Tina Owens
August 25, 2020
Frank Fenush
August 25, 2020

Barry Hoppe

Barry has worked at XPER for 11 months as a Quality Inspector, a position that he doesn’t take lightly. He served for 26 years in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard, 28th Infantry Division as a Platoon Sgt and Acting 1st Sgt. He served overseas in both Kosovo and Iraq. For Barry, working at XPER is personal.

“I used to be in these vehicles. The products at XPER saved my life. When I inspect a window, I understand the importance of it. XPER as a company respects Veterans’ because it is very personal for us. It is personal to me. They have the list of Veterans’ in their main office when you walk in. They fly a huge American flag with the flags of all branches of the military. I’m proud to serve then and now.” – Barry Hoppe