Field-proven survivability enhancement for tactical wheeled vehicles.

XPER Emergency Egress Windows are a cost-effective safety and survivability enhancement that should be considered for all tactical wheeled vehicles. Our in-house XPERtise and fully integrated manufacturing capabilities lead to solutions that meet or exceed the most demanding threats and weight criteria.

XPER has supplied over 50,000 emergency egress windows for HMMWV and MRAP variants with development in process for Medium and Heavy platforms. We offer traditional and advanced lightweight solutions specifically designed to protect crew from ballistic or fragmentation penetration. Our on-site ISO/IEC 17025 Certified Laboratory and Ballistic Range enable rapid, continued development of transparent armor solutions.

Successful Partnerships

XPER works closely with OEMs to develop tailored emergency egress solutions to minimize weight and maximize survivability. We offer engineering services and rapid prototyping in support of development programs.

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In-house XPERtise

A full-time staff of materials and design experts combine with our full range of in-house capabilities to develop and deliver optimum transparent armor solutions. XPER solutions optimize for protection, payload, and cost.

Simple Integration

XPER has fielded emergency egress solutions for both new and fielded vehicles. Our integrated solutions combine required platform ballistic and weight performance with proven design of egress capabilities.

  • Kitted solution to integrate to vehicle hull
  • Simple installation requires no vehicle modifications