Whether protecting a facility or vehicle, XPER's bullet resistant glass harnesses years of XPERience to safeguard your personnel.

Laminated glass windows designed for ballistic protection go by many names. When used by our military customers, ballistic protective windows are referred to as “transparent armor.” When used for non-military applications, these same types of windows are called “bullet resistant glazing” or “bullet resistant glass”, or simply BRG. There are other related categories of BRG as well. Laminated windows that are primarily designed to deter theft, escape, or vandalism are called “security glazing,” whereas windows that protect against extreme weather events such as hurricanes and tornadoes or severe impacts are referred to as “safety glazing.” In practice, a particular window may serve several functions and the terminology is used interchangeably.

For over a decade, XPER has provided transparent armor to the US military, incorporating our XPERt knowledge of ballistic threats and the window materials that can be used to stop them. (For more information on our military armor products, click here.) This XPERience has provided XPER with a proven track record of transparent design, integration, and testing. Our advanced technological XPERtise is also applied to bullet-resistant glass designed for civil use. Whether you want to armor an office door, a lobby, or a guard post, XPER has a solution for your protection needs.

What facilities need bullet resistant glass?

Many institutions, both public and private, need to protect their employees and customers from potential ballistic threats. The increasing occurrence of active shooters and accompanying media spotlight has prompted municipalities to reconsider security in schools, courthouses, police stations, tax offices, and other facilities. Private institutions, such as hospitals and universities, have also had their share of high-profile incidents, leading to heightened awareness of security vulnerabilities.

Ballistic resistant glazing is an especially critical component of whole facility safety. It needs to offer protection to the individuals working at the facility, yet not ruin the building’s atmosphere by appearing ugly or prison-like. When retrofitting an existing structure, this usually means that a simple off-the-shelf solution won’t work with the current window framing structure. For those situations, XPER is able to partner with institutions to develop the solution that is right for their needs—both in terms of protection and building integration.

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XPER offers a wide range of solutions for many threat levels, including the most common non-military standards such as UL 752, NIJ 0108, and EN 1063. Our on-site ISO/IEC 17025 certified laboratory and ballistics range enable rapid, continued development of cost/weight-effective transparent armor solutions. A full-time staff of materials and design XPERts combine with our full range of in-house capabilities to develop and deliver tailored transparent armor solutions.

Unlike a large company with only a few prepackaged solutions, XPER understands that each customer’s priorities are different. Some customers may value durability over weight, or weight over cost. Others may consider service life, visual appearance, or solar efficiency to be paramount. Consequently, your solution may be as simple as applying a security film to an existing window or as complex as a completely new laminate design and custom framing. In each case, XPER is committed to working with each customer to explain the tradeoffs that each solution brings to the table. Our goal is to satisfy you, our customer, by providing the protection and peace of mind that you need.