Protection for those who protect

Law-enforcement special response teams use specific-purpose vehicles to travel to and from the site of crises. These armored vehicles often contain open interiors to accommodate a response team loaded with bulky equipment, while allowing quick egress from multiple doors.

Converted armored vehicles, such as Brinks trucks, serve this niche purpose for many police departments. Typically, both the side panels and windows were armored by the original manufacturer. These trucks, however, may not come equipped with high enough protection for the situations that officers expect to encounter. Alternatively, the original laminated windows may have degraded to the point that visibility is impaired. In both cases, armor upgrades are needed to ensure protection of the first responders.

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Choose XPER for your team’s safety

XPER has worked with several law enforcement departments to up-armor their response trucks, including the transparent armor. These vehicles present unique challenges due to the tight frame widths and different modes of installation, but XPER's combined XPERience with armoring specialty vehicles enables us to tackle even the most complex jobs. Our military vehicle background provides us with the know-how to fit thick glass laminates into a vehicle hull, while our XPERience with covert security vehicles ensures a low-profile installation that’s right for your mission. We’ll be happy to explore the armoring possibilities with you, for whatever your team drives.