XPER delivers the highest standard in transparent armor solutions

Our in-house XPERtise and fully integrated manufacturing capabilities lead to solutions that meet or exceed the most demanding threats and weight criteria. XPER has supplied over 500,000 transparent armor windows composed of traditional and advanced materials in monolithic and spaced designs. Technology developed for demanding military platforms is also applied toward solutions for law enforcement, public buildings, and private establishments.

Transparent armor windows’ primary function is to protect personnel from ballistic and fragmentation threats. Our on-site ISO/IEC 17025 certified laboratory and ballistics range enable rapid, continued development of cost/weight-effective transparent armor solutions. XPER actively seeks out new materials to incorporate into the next generation of transparent armor.

Successful Partnerships

XPER works closely with OEMs, government, industry, and academia to develop tailored transparent armor solutions to minimize weight and maximize survivability. Through our partnerships and CRADAs we offer engineering services and rapid prototyping in support of development programs.

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In-house XPERtise

A full-time staff of materials and design XPERts combine with our full range of in-house capabilities to develop and deliver tailored transparent armor solutions. XPER offers solutions optimized for protection, payload, cost and sustainment. Our transparent armor has been installed in ground vehicles ranging from HMMWVs and MRAPS, to SWAT trucks and command vehicles.

Advanced Capabilities

In addition to development of transparent armor solutions to meet customer requirements, XPER focuses on improving the sustainability of transparent armor solutions through innovative technologies.

  • Industry-leading delamination warranty
  • State-of-the-art glass processing and lamination facility
  • Rock strike resistance: Advanced designs enhance resistance up to 15x over standard armor
  • Scratch and sand resistance: Exclusive DLC coating is 20x more resistant than uncoated glass
  • Advanced materials: Design options include light-weight glasses, transparent ceramics, & new plastics
  • Heated windows for de-icing/de-fogging: In-house heat-mat manufacturing capability
  • On-site ballistic range and laboratory: Rapid validation of armor solutions