Frank Fenush
August 25, 2020
Vincent Martinez
January 22, 2021
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“It is very rewarding, and an honor, to have the opportunity to work in this field at XPER.”
-Cory Brant, VP Engineering

From Cory:

Cory has been with XPER since 2007 when he was building windows during the summer and over holidays. Coming from a family of engineers, Cory decided to further his education with Engineering and Finance degrees. Mr. Brant is now Vice President of Engineering and leading the efforts in technology product development.

“It is very rewarding, and an honor, to have the opportunity to work in a field where your main job is to come up with a product to save a life in wartime, no job can replace that. There are no other opportunities that would give me the satisfaction of working with war fighters, especially on the armor side.”

“Department of Defense contracts, especially our most recent award, provides us with a constant manufacturing setting and revenue base, month over month. We will capitalize on our efficiencies and, as one of our core values, we will always strive to continuously improve. Continuous improvement is a driving force within our group. We are always looking at how we can give all of our customers not only the best price and delivery, but also the most technically excellent, safe product. We give our best each and every time. That is what we strive to do.”

The best compliment for Cory and his group are pictures from the field. It connects a face to our product. Again, moving Cory and his team to always, always do their best.