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Meet The Team

It’s a New Beginning. We are XPER.

With Rockwood Equity taking the lead, we are combining our expertise and experience to bring you XPER. XPER is the combined forces of Ibis Tek and Standard Bent into one, cohesive business model providing full service capabilities under one roof. Under new management, we are able to instill our core values, recommit to our community, and bring state-of-the-art products to our customers.

Executive Team


Vince Nardy

“Our customers will receive survivability solutions from a centralized, experienced, passionate team with one important goal…to save lives. We are proudly the largest armored product manufacturer in the United States.”

President / COO

Bryan Mikula

“I am driven to help serve our team at XPER so we can manufacture world class, life sustaining products for the protection of our military around the world.  We honor these brave soldiers and know they are protecting our freedom and national security, THANK YOU.”


Director of Programs

Tina Owens-Schmidt

“The XPER brand is more than a name it is our reputation. We earn our customers by delivering high quality armor solutions and always doing what is right.”


Vice President, Engineering

Cory Brant

“At XPER, we are focused on delivering outstanding armor technologies and capabilities.  We partner with our customers to develop and integrate solutions to protect those who serve our country.”


Senior Vice President, Business Development

Bill Rosemeyer

“An Army is only as good as its soldiers, we strive every day to produce products that help protect those men and women in uniform. XPER is proud to protect our hometown heroes.”


Vice President of Quality

John Lowrey III

“Manufacturing is not easy.  It is not easy to transform raw materials into finished products, especially products that are designed to save lives, but that is what we do.  At XPER we choose this challenging work because it is important to do work that matters.  It gives me great pride to be part of the team that manufactures protective solutions that keep service members safe.”


Director of Human Resources

Shawnda Nowakowski

“Given the work we do is so important, we strive to hire the best local talent at XPER.  We are constantly striving to create an environment that focuses on growth and development;  setting up our associates for long-term, sustainable success.”


Board of Advisors

Business and Compliance Advisor

Jack Custer

“XPER reflects the pride we share in supporting those who serve our county.”

Financial Advisor

Phillip Won

“It is engrained in our culture to design and make the highest quality products for our customers in order to protect our men and women in uniform and our first responders.”