Police patrol bicycles have unique requirements because of intense usage that exceeds recreational models. Officers average hundreds of miles per bicycle per month. Additionally, police officers wear 35-50 pounds of equipment (duty gear, firearms, ammunition, bullet resistant vests, etc) which add to the stress placed on bicycles and components.

Police tactics for bicycles include on and off-road operation to include jumping bicycles and riding up/down stairs and curbs. It also includes the possibility of throwing the bike to the ground in pursuit of a suspect. Patrol bicycles must be specifically manufactured for police use (standard recreational or sporting bicycles with "Police" decals are inadequate).

Patrol bicycles must have integrated LED front and rear riding lights as well as programmable LED red/blue police lighting, front, rear and both sides of bicycle. The integrated system includes a programmable siren and horn, all of which will be controlled by thumb switches mounted next to the grips. The iFORCE Universal Lights and Siren Kit is powered by a rechargeable battery mounted so that the water bottle holders are not used.

Each iFORCE Patrol Bike is custom build per order and are the only "Made in the USA" Law Enforcement Patrol Bicycle on the market with integral Lighting & Siren System.

The iFORCE Patrol Bike is hand built one at a time. The proprietary tubing is fabricated in a state of the art machine shop, mounted in custom designed weld jigs and hand welded by one frame welder who welds every frame to maintain quality and consistency. All parts are anodized & powder coated in house and assembled by full time bike mechanics. The Lighting & Siren System is installed followed by custom graphics ("Department Name" on the top tube & "Police" or other emergency service on the down tube).

Each and every bike is test ridden and all lighting programmed for proper flashing sequence. It is then boxed up on a pallet and shipped to your department ready to go. Open the box, mount the front tire and pedals, and start riding.