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Veterans Are Our Backbone

Veterans put their lives on the line for our freedoms. Their stories and experience are what we look to for innovation. XPER is forever indebted to these quiet, every day heroes. We employ a large population of veterans, including on our Board of Directors, which gives us a unique appreciation and insight into the needs of our military.

Our Veterans share their appreciation:

Frank Fenush

"It gives me great pride to work on products for our front line."

Vincent Martinez

"We are all like-minded. There is trust and honor."

Barry Hoppe

"It is personal to me."

Tina Owens

“XPER understands the fortitude and commitment…”

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We take pride in our exceptional products that are strong enough to ensure that our men and women on the front lines come home to their families. Veterans’ protected us. It’s now our turn to return the favor.



  • Watterson, Thomas A.

  • Bauer, Keith W.

  • Hoppe, Barry

  • Longdon, James E.

  • Radic, Mark S.

  • Letzkus, Lawrence S.

  • Raiburn, Freddie L.

  • Homa, Peter G.

  • Faber, Clint

  • Richards, David C.

  • Martinez, Vincent

  • Bodnar, Michael J.

  • Keys, Jeffrey

  • Steffy, Terry L.

  • Grandy, Shane

  • Fenush, Franklin R.

  • Adams, Sean M.

  • Harmon, Tom E.

  • Owens-Schmidt, Tina M.

  • Miller, Jacob

  • Tregaskes, Fred